Welcome to my portfolio! My name’s Iz and I’m a Boston-based award-winning multimedia journalist, photographer, voice actor, and chronic illness advocate.

The versatility of the communications field is what makes the work I do so exciting. Whether it is in-depth investigative reporting, 60-second TikToks about media literacy, or whatever else comes my way, empathy is the driving force behind it all.

Together we can communicate stories that matter.

My Services

I offer a wide range of services including (but not limited to) photography, video editing, audio production, voice work, graphic design, social media management and content creation as well as freelance journalism. Don’t hesitate to reach out to see if my services are right for you and your needs!

About Me

I work as a Multimedia Content Specialist at an independent school on the Northshore of Massachusetts. Outside of the 9 to 5, you can find me consulting small businesses on their social media strategy, photographing concerts, reviewing music, and bringing awareness to chronic illness and mental health. Check out my 'About' page for more information!